“When we disconnect from love it is because we don’t want to appear weak in our vulnerability…we are putting all of our stock into what the outside world and/or the EGO is telling us we “should” be, have, do, rather than listening to our own Inner Wisdom led by the Intelligent Heart Muscle…the muscle which has the most information and offers us the power to return to love…If we take the risk of being vulnerable, we expose ourselves emotionally…to take this risk, we need to be totally self aware and willing to accept and love all that we are in the present moment. When we are connected to the Universe in all its loving Guidance, we have the Inner Power to create all that we “know” we deserve, and all that we long for in healing our limiting beliefs as we return to love. We can choose to be a loving instrument in complete alignment with the power of love.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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