“Being unwilling to mindfully grow and change limits our positive Energy and only causes negative energy to trigger events or challenges that will continue to block our connection to the loving generosity of the Universe…the negative and limiting beliefs have been stored on a cellular level causing us to remain stuck in the darkness…When we enable the light, we allow the energy of the Universe to flow freely through us where we experience an awakening that goes beyond our 5 physical senses…we connect to our Inner Wisdom, our Intuition, which is the Universe’s whisper of Divine Guidance…as in a rebirth, and then a release of all the darkness as we choose to be in alignment with God’s plan and the Universe’s direction. We become balanced and fully connected and we “know” and “see” the magnificence in our transformation of our Higher Self…ENLIGHTENMENT.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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