“Stand by your convictions…they set the boundaries in place as a reminder of your own self worth and self respect. Boundaries teach others about what we will, and will not accept into our personal space…Allowing others to treat us unkindly, to treat us with indifference to our needs, to go back on their word, and without the same respect they desire is not in alignment with love of self…if you continuously tolerate behavior that is unacceptable, you will continue to be treated in the same manner over and over. That is the definition of insanity…Choose a peaceful existence that is predictable and aligned with love of self…It’s all up to you…Through personal growth, you come to believe in your own worth and learn not to allow anyone else to make constant withdrawals with no return on the investment…you are one in a million…deserving of the whole pie…boundaries protect your greatest assets…self worth, self respect, self love.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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