“Feeling a strong emotion that suddenly triggers a response such as fear is our invitation to feel it all the way through, release it, and use it to enlighten our Higher Self…This is how we uncover the fear that we don’t realize is deep within…it is a spiritual call for change…recognize the feeling in the moment…identify the feeling…acknowledge it, and then release it with strong faith that the Universe is using this situation as a profound life lesson…a lesson that teaches us to reach into our Inner Wisdom to connect with our Higher Self where we reorganize our thoughts based on the information that the Universe provides to deepen our faith “KNOWING” that the Universe always guides us with love for our Highest Good. We are called to listen as the Universe reinterprets for us…We are invited to let go of the fear…We are being lovingly nourished which bring us back into balance and steadies our faith, making life easy to live and easy to enjoy in every moment where we feel filled with love…we raise our own vibration and strengthen our connection to all of humanity…and it serves to raise the vibrations and strength of others. We remain open to change and to learning our life lessons…It increases our awareness and accelerates our personal growth, and affords us the opportunity to help others in their own life lessons and personal growth, for we have the gift of enlightenment. We offer to hold the light for others as they find their own way. We begin to experience limitless possibilities that create positive change which transcends all negativity and fear and ripples out into the world…so indicative of “the power of love.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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