“Energetically I feel your presence with me every day…I “FEEL” your love…our hearts are forever connected and our souls speak through a Higher Energy…I “HEAR” you…our love has no boundaries no matter where we are, and I take comfort and find strength in our spiritual connection…the power of love. I understand that you are struggling…honor yourself and your feelings, and also be willing to trust that everything is going to alright, and that each small step helps to clear a little of the darkness away. Trust that the Universe is guiding you…guiding us…walk the path of humility…it doesn’t make sense to try to control…it is a struggle that never ends…it is an inevitable truth that our souls will be pulled to the one it belongs to…focus your attention on each miracle moment in the moment…in joy…in love. Focus on how you WANT to feel…ask for guidance and embrace your Intuition…don’t interfere in the process…recommit to your faith each day…expect miracles.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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