“Leave the ego aside and honor your heart. Trust that the Universe knows what you need and what you desire, and the Universe always provides and has your back...move on from the past with confidence…honor your heart. Seek support and love from those who offer it to you. They have been placed in your life to guide you with love and compassion for all you have experienced, as they have had similar experiences. They “KNOW.” Forgiveness is a wonderful remedy for extinguishing anxiety…self forgiveness and that of others. Isolating from the present keeps you stuck in the past unable to be present or to look toward a future…reach out to those who are waiting for you to grab on…The Universe has them firmly planted for you to lean on…and they are waiting to embrace you…come home and heal…allow yourself love and support…forgive yourself…honor your heart. The Universe is exclaiming Her plan for you and those around you. Surrender…there is no way out…but up…Joy…love…connection are all waiting for you. Co-create with Her…Honor your heart…Honor the Universe.” –
Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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