“We are all lovingly guided by, and connected to, God/Universe/Spirit. We all have the ability to hear, and receive, Divine Guidance. When we find a quiet space in prayer and meditation, we can ask for, and receive, Guidance…Support…Love. And, in return, we offer kindness, a smile, a shoulder, an ear, a hand to another who may not yet be able to hear or receive the Guidance on their own. We pay it forward. We observe ourselves in others, and treat them as we would treat ourselves. We offer to be a vehicle of love, empathy, and compassion while one is finding their way on their Spiritual path without expecting anything in return…and, where that one is willing to reopen their heart to love, humility, and vulnerability…as once we allow our heart to reopen…our mind can conceive of so much more, and receive all that we seek on our own Spiritual path.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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