Set a daily intention that you can refer back to when you start to feel fear. It is a technique that helps one to rebalance where faith, hope, love, and trust ground and support us. Practice gratitude and live in joy. When the Universe sees that we are joyous and grateful for what we have in every moment, it meets us there…and then some. I believe that God/Universe/Spirit has a plan for each of us, and asks us to believe and participate in the Co-Creation of our desired plan. We are lovingly guided in small steps to our end goal, or destination. This is the whole point of the learning process. We evolve as each assignment teaches us one more important lesson to help us to be our best when we reach our destination…and, to deeply appreciate the journey and all of its blessings disguised in lessons that we did not understand at the time…However, we had faith that we would arrive…maybe a bit tattered and worn…but stronger and deeply appreciative of arriving “home.”

When we arrive, we will continue to gratefully accept Universal assignments, with Intention, throughout, as we continue to grow and evolve…and, I believe it is our obligation to help others that are on their journey, on their path, on their way, and we sort of become the “Universe’s Guidance” for others…as we have been Guided…We are asked to Pay It Forward. God/Universe/Spirit uses us to offer a Guiding Light for those who are lost on their path, and who ask for a little help finding their own way “home.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC



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