“Some people have been given a second chance at life after being lost in the dark for a long time…they lost their way…they lost trust in others…even in themselves. They search to find a loving soul connection to walk with them on their enlightened path, and may find many soul connections along the way.

If you meet a soul who is starting over, one who is evolved, and one who chooses to stay on a path of enlightenment, who chooses to continue to grow in line with the blessings of the Universe, be honest with them about who you are from the beginning…no need for pretense as it only prolongs the pain, making it difficult for them to find their compass to get back on their chosen path.

If you make a sweet and blessed soul connection and they are in motion, and you stop them on their path to connect, be sure to have a plan that encompasses integrity, honesty, sensitivity, spirit, and love…otherwise…please wave them on. That is what an evolved soul does…being selfless, mindful and honest with oneself,  and others, are qualities of an evolved being. You must walk on the path of an evolved soul to be an evolved soul

If you claim that’s who you are, but the loud declaration without any action is drowning out your footsteps…you’re not at all enlightened, or evolved…Your actions do not reflect your words…Behavior speaks to Enlightenment.

Step in line, or watch quietly from the sidelines….take the high road…the senseless noise is distracting to those of us who choose to move forward on our journey…on an enlightened path.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC



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