Love, Wendy

“An open book invites you to read…to enjoy every detail and to learn, not to be placed on a shelf to glance at the cover once in awhile just to remind you its there. A song invites you to listen to the words…to hear the message that the Universe is sending, and to dance to the music. I invite you to envision the endless possibilities of us when you allow yourself to see and to be seen, to hear and to be heard…unconditionally…to dance every dance with me as the Universe guides and supports us. Our story is different than the ones we read before. It’s ours. We co-create this new tale on the blank pages, and write the story as we go. Our dance is unique. It’s ours. We create the steps together as we listen to the music guided by the lyrics…We read, we dance, we smile, we know….it’s time.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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