“Please step out of your own way so that I may step up to you in all that is meant for us on a clear path. I can hear the Universe calling to us through the rustling of the leaves…’Tis the season to embrace the changes that bring us back to ONE…to acknowledge the energy of our connecting spirits as ONE, which breathes new heart into our love story…we can write the rest of our story together, one sentence at a time with illustrations that reflect who we are…Soulmates and Spiritual Warriors. As we set the clock back, leave the fear with it…just a memory of a time that has now passed. It is a new season. Courage is calling to us as the leaves fall, and we are left bare and vulnerable, and fear is buried beneath those fallen. Pile the fear and ego, and toss it out. Take a leap of faith…”Just breathe,” “Surrender”, trust, be mindful of the call, and choose to answer it….believe in the beauty, Grace and Blessings of this new season…my favorite…Welcome this new “season” of miracles.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


2 Responses to “LOVE, WENDY

  • Fear is really our angel which is inviting us to step up to ourselves. Fear is our challenge to dig deep and access our courage to be more than we thought possible. Fear is the goad and push within us to choose between life and death, lethargy and action, addiction and sobriety.

    Love always,
    Mama Sheila

  • Yes. Stepping up is a combination of many small steps that lead to the BIGGEST STEP in ones life…COURAGE AND LOVE.
    Thank you, as always, for your profound and loving feedback.
    Love you.

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