“My “crib” was filled with beautiful toys…my “Toy Story,” but when I looked around, I had nobody to play with…I was bored and lonely, and all of my toys were not enough to fill up my empty “crib”…my empty heart. These toys had great value…monetary value…yet to me they were worthless. With purpose, I climbed out of the crib……to find some meaning, to look for what I was truly searching for…and I found…ME…and then YOU…and in that moment, my life became full of love and meaning…priceless…worth more than all of the toys that once held all the value to me which defined my life. LOVE is what fills me now…for myself, for you, for us. A home created with love, patience, laughter, music, empathy and heart, is my “Cinderella Story.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC



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