“Don’t ask EGO to get out of the way…DEMAND IT! Stand up to yourself. EGO is fed by fear and anxiety…EGO is never truthful with the heart…its sneaky and manipulating, and once we allow it to take over, we become complacent and choose not to fight it anymore…then we miss out on the most vital nutrient which truly feeds our soul…Vitamin L…LOVE…which heals the heart. Choose to stand up to the brain that thinks EGO has your best interest “at heart.” Once you stand up to the wounds that called in your EGO to protect you during the inner battle, the war is over, and you can finally make peace with it, and allow your heart to lead the way. If you continue to allow your brain to lead the way, the scars won’t heal and you will be left alone to lick your wounds.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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