‘Today as I took my daily walk, I was greeted by 6 butterflies. One beautiful white butterfly brushed my cheek as if to say, “Everything will be alright.” They say that when you see lots of butterflies at once it is a sign of Divinity…that angels are sending these “winged messengers” to assure us that our prayers are heard, and to trust in the process. These “messengers” tell us to “trust our intuition,” as I’d been told recently by a wise healer who said the same, “Do not doubt your intuition.” Synchronicity!…it is a gift from the Universe that God has created…if you are awake! As this beautiful butterfly flew off with the others, I thought of the slow metamorphosis that they had endured, as did I in my transformation over the past 3 1/2 years, and I knew that the angels were showing me that I am ready to fly…to spread my wings…that I’m ready to live the life I have been co-creating…the one I’ve been praying for…I have butterflies in my stomach! True story!” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC



2 Responses to “LOVE, WENDY

  • What a beautiful and eloquently expressed story of the inner journey of our lives which is real and measurable in ways that often astound us! When we trust our intuitive wisdom even when we have little or no “tangible evidence” , magic happens.

    Right now I’m in my own dark place and reading your words, knowing your journey, I’m inspired to get up and walk with grace into my day.

    Thank you

    Love always
    Mama Sheila

  • Thank you Mama Sheila. Yes, as you’ve taught me, get, up, dress up and show up. We never know the miracles we will experience when we remain awake and open.

    Love always with gratitude.

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