WARNING: If you fall in love with me, I allow myself to indulge…I indulge in being wise with periods of expressed emotions that allow me to reveal my heart, which isn’t hard to see as  I wear it proudly…written all over my face, and that which penetrates through all of my body language. It speaks in every language when I am in your presence…I make no apologies as I express myself authentically…It is important to navigate with a rational and wise mind…and even more important to allow our minds to understand that love is at the heart of the matter, and all that matters to the heart. Finding balance and allowing ourselves to be expressive while remaining wise is second nature if we are connected spiritually…we are not afraid to be authentic…we invite each other to be authentic…we don’t try to control our loving connection by holding back…we trust in the Divine…in our ourselves and each other…and we enjoy our freedom in loving each other on every level…not ever holding back what we feel in our hearts and our loving emotions…we touch, we taste, we hear, we see, we feel it all openly, and receive it all with gratitude…the Universe Divinely instills in us what It wants us experience on our journey…we merely need to buckle up and enjoy the ride…we must tune into our heart and Intuition as the Universe imparts its Loving Wisdom…we listen for the message…we remain open…we remain cognizant of our Divine Authentic Higher Self…I choose to be in love and to receive all that is waiting for me in a committed and loving relationship…we lose nothing of ourselves when we fall in love in an awakened state of mind that speaks to our heart…I call it “spiritual communication” between the two who are lovingly connected, and the Divine…we strengthen our loving connection when we balance our wise mind and our emotional mind when we allow ourselves to depend on the Universe’s Wisdom…So, if you fall in love with me, be forewarned…I am wise, I am logical, I am rational, I am a beautiful soul, I am joy, AND most of all…I AM LOVE…and I indulge in it all. – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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