“Neither of us entered into this with an intention of forever…yet, here we are….it is a path that was carved out for us before we even met…each with our own agenda unknowingly wandered into unfamiliar territory…unsuspectingly surrounded by the enemy…FEAR…when the enemy caught up to us, LOVE spoke up…we stood up with courage and pushed the enemy aside…a LOVE “takeover.” Sometimes the journey we take leads us on a road less travelled with twists and turns, and we cannot see the magnificent view around the bend…but when we finally “step up,” even the colorful journey hasn’t prepared us for the indescribable beauty of our final destination. It is with gratitude that we say, “Thank You” to the Universe for showing us the unbeaten path where LOVE leads the way home. YOU are home…I am home…WE are home.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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