Be aware of your surroundings including the people you allow into your inner circleTHIS is your sanctuary…Create it, surround it, and sustain it through love and authenticity that is built on, and around, LOVE/GOD/UNIVERSE/SPIRIT, empathy, compassion, truth and integrity. When you are in need of a kind word…a hug…or, of sincere conversation…do they stop to make eye contact?…to ask how you are and wait for your response maintaining that eye contact that says, “I truly care?”…to offer a few moments of their time in your time of need?…As you offer to others throughout your life, give without expecting anything in return…AND…be aware of those that willingly and sincerely offer you what you need without you having to ask…for eye contact…a warm smile…a phone call…a kind word…a few moments of ones time…especially when you are in a room filled with “friends” who you had no doubt would stop to offer “friendship,” and encouragement. These are the meaningful things…the free things in life…that costs nothing.  Know your true “investors,” and withdraw from those that do not offer a return “freely.” If “time is energy,” we want to energize our time to our Highest Vibration…through love and compassion.

Be aware of your surroundings…including the people you allow into your inner circle. Your sanctuary is a reflection of you…Design it with love where love is reciprocal, and offered freely…It is okay to redesign your blueprint with a new sketch that will best suit the framework that you envision…When you open your door to the inside of you…your sanctuary…be sure you truly know who you allow to step into your light. – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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