“I found the freedom I’d been searching for…it was hiding behind SURRENDER. Through SURRENDER and MEDITATION I experience peace…I experience LOVE…it has offered me the constant flow of energy from the Source, from God, from Intuition, that allows me to “know” that I am heard, and all is as it is willed to be…with Intention, I accept with confidence that the Universe LOVINGLY engages us with meaningful purpose which guides us to our chosen path. The light behind surrender is brilliant…blinding! The energy from Within provides a fireworks show that allows us to enjoy each adventurous blessed day with our senses engaged as we experience the “God Vibrations”…beautiful music! This vibration ripples out to others near and far..its contagious! Our Inner Light “infects” others…be a Carrier of this infectious “ease!” Dance to the music! See the light! Feel the “God vibrations!” Experience LOVE…SURRENDER.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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