Opening my eyes and seeing another beautiful sunrise is my gift today. Thank you all for all of your love, prayers, texts, phone calls and emails. You have all helped to carry me through this very challenging time.

I am resting comfortably at home. I’m so blessed with a Doctor who is so experienced and was able to remove the entire mass and reports that it was benign. It is being sent to pathology for further evaluation but he is certain it is benign.

I am processing this whole experience as it gives me a deeper understanding of life and my purpose here. It’s true you don’t know how strong you are until you have no other choice but to be.

Having all of the love and support of my family, friends, and Facebook friends and acquaintances, and my work family, and the incredible experience and compassion of my doctor, Peak Woo, and his team, I am healing.

My dearest and oldest friend Bill Kelder, and Vicky Hayes Kelder if it weren’t for you being with me every step of the way, I could never have gotten through this difficult time. I am forever grateful for your loving friendship and devotion. And to David, my dear friend, for your constant phone calls, texts, and songs to keep me uplifted, especially right before my surgery, is so greatly received and appreciated.

It is so humbling to realize my strength. Being in addiction recovery for 5 years, I refused any pain meds. I have been given an antibiotic, and prescription Motrin for the severe pain in my throat. THIS IS A WONDERFUL REMINDER TO MYSELF of how our mind does, or does not, lead us. I am completely devoted to my recovery and although I am in pain, I am not willing to compromise my health in recovery…always keeping in mind that Substance Use Disorder is a brain disease that is diagnosable, treatable and manageable, AND, can sneak up on us at any time, so, no need to take any chances. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. This is another important lesson for me…Using meditation and breathing, and music, lots of water(although difficult to swallow) and rest, and remaining present in every moment with the pain, knowing I WILL heal, is the way I intend to recover. #sotrulyblessed    

On a side note, I am asking for prayers for my friend, Lori Drescher, who also had surgery yesterday. I am praying for as positive an outcome as I have gotten. Lori and I were texting each other from our hospital beds yesterday morning before surgery offering prayers, love and hope. Godspeed to healing Lori. We are all praying for you. You’re a very strong woman, and so loved.

With so much love and gratitude always,

Wendy 🙏🏻🙏🏻😎🦋😘😘

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