“Dearest Universe/God/Spirit…We thank you for bringing us through our adversity and challenges, and bringing us back together…spiritually, emotionally, and physically, which you have shown us is for our Highest Good…Keep us grounded in the deepest of faith, hope, love and trust, and grace us with empathy, compassion, patience, truthfulness, and humility…Keep us lovingly connected to you, and to each other, and please continue to bless our lives together. Guide us, and our families, and keep us close as we continue to walk our paths, separately, and together, and keep us lovingly connected to one another…always considering your Loving Guidance first. Each day we thank you in deep gratitude for all of our blessings…especially the deep and profound love that we have for each other…and You. We are always “home” when we are together. Sat Nam. Amen.”- Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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