1.  Not being able to find the time for self care because you are caring for others and/or work responsibilities.
  2. When a perfect stranger in a hotel you’ve been staying at says, “I need you to get some rest”
  3. When you are feeling chronically fatigued, becoming prone to chronic infections, and feeling anxiety taking precedence over joy, love, peace, and productivity.

I recently had an exceptionally busy time in my life with personal, and work responsibilities. Although I practice self care every day, I feel like I may have rushed through the hour that I give myself daily for self care to get back to all of the responsibilities awaiting my care. I was struggling to stay present in my self care practice, and found myself rushing back to the people who needed my attention, putting myself second. Not at all what any of us should do. We must take care of ourselves, to offer our best self to others. The nurse at the doctor’s office on Friday said to me, “Really rest when you go home, otherwise, you cannot help anyone else.” She knows my Type A personality.

As the week progressed, I began to realize that I felt out of alignment. I began to feel physically and emotionally drained, and quite honestly, short on patience. Sometimes it is difficult to notice the severity of the non-alignment because we immerse ourselves in activity that may distract us, yet we may notice that something is off with us…feeling disconnected from ourselves…feeling distracted…feeling anxiety. We may look around and feel disconnected from others as our minds go to all of the things we are “supposed” to get done. We are not meant to constantly “run and do” to the point of exhaustion! We are meant to savor each moment, slowly, and mindfully! Otherwise, we are missing the meat and potatoes of it all and inhaling “crumbs” of no significant nutrition for the body, mind and spirit. It is up to us to be clear with our intentions, our boundaries, and most of all, implementing ongoing self care which includes saying, “No” when we are about to overextend ourselves. No explanation to anyone else is necessary. Inherently, we all know what we need to heal.

When we are in alignment and living our truth, we attract what we truly desire. Our relationships and our careers become more fulfilling. We feel connected to something more than just ourselves in our little corner of the Universe. We feel like WE are contributing to the Universe. I have a saying, “If you preach love and trust, and you teach love and trust…LIVE IT!” This is when we attract the right people, and the right opportunities for ourselves!

If you are seeing the same patterns of not getting what you want over and over, it could be a sign that you’re not in alignment with your true Soul. The signals/vibrations that you put out there are not reflecting what you truly want, and the Universe is unclear as to how to proceed, and what your authentic desires are! Remember that one moment of negativity may negate all of the positive. Focus on the quality of your thoughts. You are emitting a frequency! Set it on high and clear!

Lately, as I have been meditating and praying, and putting out my definite wishes into our Loving Universe, the first thing I “received back” in response was for me to urgently practice constant self care for as long as needed to realign. I must be aligned body/mind/spirit in order to manifest anything further.

I have been at home immersing myself in a loving and supportive environment, including constant communication with my loved ones and friends which offer me a loving connection, cooking organic, healthy meals, diffusing essential oils, doing some light exercise/walking and Yoga, meditation and prayer, listening to music, having a loving and meaningful/spiritual conversation with my loving son, Matthew, getting some Vitamin D outdoors to naturally raise my dopamine level, and lots of rest and water/herbal teas, and writing of course, which is my best form of therapy. And as I coach others in mental health and wellness in their own recovery, it serves me just as much as I serve them.

I am a holistic health and wellness/mental health coach/consultant/practitioner, and even I, from time to time, have to step back and re-evaluate to realign which allows me to reset! Our mental and physical health are directly correlated and it is our responsibility to care for both in the same way, with loving self care. I remind myself all that I know to be true about practicing daily self care, and provide for myself healing tools and healthy practices, which assist me in re-aligning. Then I am ready to re-connect with others, and to be of service…not to mention being ready to receive and embrace my blessings in a healthy space body, mind and spirit!

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To your wellness!

Love and blessings,


Wendy Blanchard