“A healthy, loving relationship and mutual respect in a relationship is experienced when…

  • We speak our truth with kindness without holding back our true feelings.
  • We resolve conflict outwardly with preset boundaries where we both have equal time to speak, and we are aware of our own triggers and have the tools to regulate our emotions. We communicate asking ourselves, “How can I communicate effectively and find resolution where I will be heard and embraced, and to honor myself as well as my partner?” We never allow our communication to become a “nuclear war,” as we consistently communicate our feelings and validate our partner’s feelings, always from a place of love and compassion. We intentionally set aside check in time daily to keep our communication flowing.
  • We never place blame on our partner as we learn to take responsibility for our own individual actions and words. We are humble and apologize willingly and freely when we realize we have caused hurt or pain.
  • We remain in the present moment and can also discuss a recent past disagreement or challenge without bringing into the present moment. We communicate and resolve, realizing we do not have to always agree where we respectfully disagree, and we are mindful moving forward. “If it’s important to you, I will be sensitive to your needs and feelings.”
  • We recognize and break the patterns of old family of origin dysfunctional behaviors and choose healthy practices that promotes empathy, love and resolution.
  • We will make mistakes along the way and will willingly practice forgiveness.
  • We recognize that we have similar interests as well as different interests and celebrate our individual space, and our togetherness space!
  • We make each other a priority daily. We stand beside our partner in every challenge and every celebration, and we never allow a third party inside of our sacred connection/union.
  • Together, we follow a spiritual path and make our practice a daily part of our journey as we strive to evolve.

Our goal is always to experience a deeper connection and understanding of our love, and to achieve ongoing spiritual “re-awakening” that deepens our bond body, mind and soul.”

Love, Wendy


Wendy Blanchard