It provides us with the wealth we deserve, and that which we need to experience our dreams…not to mention in successfully serving others.

I used to think that my age (63 this Wednesday, 4/21) would be a hinderance in securing my dream job at this late stage in my life in the mental health field and the field of Substance Use Disorder. Turns out that if we are well body, mind and spirit, and we have a positive mindset where we can offer others all that they need in providing them with a healthy energy, tools, and treatment in mental health and wellness, and those living with substance use disorder, our own age, and health, are an asset. We are leading by example! “Age is just a mindset!”

And, when you take deep personal pride in the work that you do, and that which your name is attached to, the community also recognizes you as an asset.

Such is my case…W-O-W…

I am still processing an unimaginable offer that has been presented to me just two days ago that is my passion, and my mission in life as a woman who is thriving in a holistic based recovery from substance use disorder, and mental health disorders, now in my ninth year. All of my hard work, experience, training and education will now go into serving others on their wellness journey through my Wellness Approach to Recovery.

My popular, well known daily self care practices, walking the talk of a wellness based recovery, and creating and providing Mental Health & Wellness trainings, Mental Health and Wellness Literacy Professional Developments, Whole Person Wellness trainings, Mental Health First Aid trainings, and Suicide Safety trainings have groomed me for this next step which is my passion, my honor, my privilege, and a personal journey.

My family and friends, my colleagues and all whom I’ve trained, thousands in the community, adults and youth, ¬†will vouch for the discipline, diligence, hard work, most times 7 days a week to offer education, and to empower our community, and deep passion of caring for others. It is my life purpose, led by Spirit, on this, my deeply spiritual journey wherein I thrive in wellness and am eager to share with others.

People say that I “light up” when I am serving others, creating, and talking about new ideas in wellness to help others explore their own wellness approach to recovery. I do feel a fire in my belly when I am teaching and serving. This new venture will take me way out of my comfort zone, including moving from my home, and my family. I am about 80% on board, but the thought of moving so far away, well…I’m not quite there yet.

I am moving forward slowly with questions and exploration within. My son is my biggest fan and his encouragement is second to none. My youngest daughter is just three weeks away from delivering her first baby girl, and this is such a dilemma for me, and for her. She’s being supportive, but I can hear the sadness, even through the texts. My best friends, Mim and Vicky are so encouraging, although Vicky is shocked and said she’s going to miss me so much. Mim will also be in the same state as where I will reside not too far away.

Well…age is only a mindset dear ones. If I decide to go with this, I will have achieved something I have worked so hard for, and strived for, and imagined and prayed for…all of my own accord…

Spirit leading me every step of the way.

To be continued…

Love and blessings,


Wendy Blanchard