I am tasked with many responsibilities, obligations, as well as tasks that I have chosen which are self directed, that come from a place of love. Actually, everything that I do comes from a place of love. By nature, love is who I am. My greatest joy is to offer love to others who will accept love. Love, for me, is the umbrella, or the “hat,” of empathy, compassion, vulnerability, acceptance, smiles, and connection. In my world, Spirit saturates the hat of all that is love. Spirit is my foundation, my strength, my loving guide. Underneath the hat is the embodiment of a spiritual being emulating all that one strives to be underneath the covering, aka the “hat,” where the river flows within, and where one willingly, slowly, and joyfully guides another safely, with loving kindness, to shore.

I wear it well.

I have not come across many who reject my offer, but there is always one that turns away as they search for their own “hat,” to wear, one that fits perfectly for them, maybe one that embodies some of what I as an individual strive to embody, and some of their own attributes that symbolizes love, and later to offer to another. We are all different sizes, shapes, and colors, and have different inner guidance and spiritual beliefs, so that we will all wear a hat of a different size, shape, and color. Whatever lies beneath is perfect for us, individually. It speaks to our character, our integrity, and it speaks to the experiences that have shaped us, the experiences that have planted a seed where we have done a deep exploration of oneself and where we have reset our mindset, where we have new and updated perspectives, and most excitedly, where we experience growth which brings us enlightenment. I always leave an open invitation when one chooses to return to share our experiences of self discovery, and to blend together our experiences and wisdom to come together, to enhance one another, and to serve others.

I always say that sharing our individual experiences provide inspiration for others who may be lost, who may be stuck, and who may be searching for a way to return to a lighted path that leads to ongoing experiences of small blissful discoveries of life. It is always the small discoveries that lead to a profound answer of enlightenment. In my world, this begins, and continues, with my deeply meaningful spiritual practice. My hat is saturated, and satiated with a blessed life.

I wear many hats. With each hat that I wear, LOVE is at the core, and SPIRIT is at the foundation. “From the bottom up.” I am a mother, a grandmother, a grandmother to be, a friend, a businesswoman, an educator, a counselor and consultant, an author, a Keynote speaker, an advocate, and a woman who has experienced a profound awareness of self through a spiritual journey over the past 8 years of my recovery from prescription drug addiction, and mental health disorders. I am an enlightened soul always embracing the next moment of enlightenment.

I am an overcomer. I experience adversity and challenge, and daily anxiety, yet, I am an overcomer. It is through my spiritual journey, and leaning solely on the Universe’s daily loving guidance, that I continue to make the right choices for myself first. In this way, there is a positive ripple effect for those around me. I experience love, peace, and joy, and thrive most especially in helping others, inspiring others, taking care of others, guiding others, all through Spirit’s daily guidance on my own journey. Here is where I can be the catalyst for change, however small. I choose to be a conduit that attracts one’s own inner realizations of self awareness, and what they may need to experience the joy, peace, and love on a true spiritual path…an awakening…enlightenment. Transformation. Freedom.

Spiritual wellness promotes wellness of body and mind.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed weekend.

Love always,


Wendy Blanchard