As we all struggle to remain in a healthy mindset, most especially as most of us remain in isolation, developing coping strategies, such as grounding techniques, which are coping strategies to help reconnect you with the present, can be very effective in offering relief from anxiety, worry, sadness, anger, and feelings that make us feel unwell.

This type of mindfulness technique, can be practiced wherever we are, at any time. It is always up to us in making a mindful choice to be well, to explore and implement any healthy practice as a protective factor when we are feeling stressed, or struggling with feelings and emotions that make us feel unwell, to bring ourselves relief and balance in a way that is specific to our own needs.

As I myself continue to struggle with sadness and anxiety over the loss of my mother two months ago, compounded with isolation due to our current pandemic, I am cognizant that my mental health needs daily care so that I am able to continue to thrive. As a holistic health counselor, recovery specialist, mental health educator and teacher, I am very in tune with my body, my mind, and my spirit. I am able to identify my emotions and feelings, to validate their existence, and the reasons that I am experiencing these feelings of grief, loss, sadness, anxiety, and loneliness. These feelings are real, and typical, and normal, in the situations that I am experiencing. I allow myself to honor my feelings and emotions, as well as allow myself the space and time that I need to work through it all, realizing that these emotions and feelings are non linear, and will continue to show up at any given time. This is where the natural and organic tools, or protective factors, that I have acquired over the past seven years of my recovery from mental health disorders and substance use disorder literally offer me resiliency, and immediate relief. Because I have the awareness of my truth, and the willingness to validate my feelings and emotions as my “normal,” I accept what I am feeling, and use this experience to evolve further and to promote wellness.
This is emotional intelligence. Non reactive. Acceptance. Allowing. Observing. Taking a healthy action toward recovery. Moving forward. Sharing my experience to help others.

When we take personal responsibility for our wellness where we continuously develop coping strategies and make healthy lifestyle choices, we build resiliency where we become more skilled at regulating and managing our emotions.

This morning, as my anxiety began to escalate, I began a specific grounding technique. I believe the Universe provides me with the answers when I allow the spiritual solutions to be provided. I heard a beautiful cacophony of sounds right outside my window of birds chirping and what seemed to be them communicating with each other. I focused on these sounds, as I began deep breathing to slow down my heart rate, and to be mindful of the present. As I practice this breathing (for 4 seconds take deep breaths in through the nose, hold for 4 seconds, and breath out for 4 seconds through the nose) I repeated to myself silently, “I am safe. All is well.” After about 5 minutes, I began to feel calmer and peaceful, and after I completed this 20 minute practice, I felt revitalized and zen with a positive mindset. This is how I love to begin my day. I was then able to sit down at my computer at my desk, look out my window at the gorgeous and serene view I am blessed to have, and to write this blog to share my experience.

Wellness is a choice. We all have mental health which rests on a continuum and moves along this continuum depending upon what is going on within us, and around us, at any given time throughout our day. This is where the importance of self care, and the willingness to want to be well, is the catalyst in achieving wellness…one day at a time.

Wellness is a positive approach to living and emphasizes the whole person. It is the integration of the body, mind and spirit, and the understanding that everything that we think, feel, say, and believe has a direct impact upon our overall health. When we strengthen our wellness mindset, we empower ourselves to make healthy choices.

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Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!

Love and blessings,


Wendy Blanchard