This morning, I am gently reminded that I am always in a space of Grace and that God/Spirit/Universe is ever present. The loving Energy is palpable.

As I awaken in the early morning, I observe that my hands and wrists are pain and swelling free for the first time since I had my IV infusion for a medical health challenge where the drug triggered an autoimmune response of Lupus. My arm muscles have stopped burning and I can open a bottle of water on my own…

In a space of Grace…

Prayer, positive thoughts and visualization of wellness through this experience, in addition to the overwhelming outpouring of love from my family, friends and colleagues, have had a healing power.

In addition to steroids, rest, easy, slow, and strategic stretching, and other healthy self care practices, have culminated a “wellness approach to recovery…”

My book WRITE PRAY RECOVER: A JOURNEY TO WELLNESS THROUGH SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS AND SELF CARE guides one to heal in an integrative course of treatment. We get to choose the course we take as we steer the trajectory of our health and wellness journey.

Book publishing date tentatively set for Christmas, 2021!

Please check back for exciting updates and giveaways!

” Self Care is the actions that we take to achieve wellness and wellness is where we stand in our power!”

Love and blessings,



Wendy Blanchard