Living with a chronic disease can be exhausting, however, if we practice a positive mindset and use spiritual solutions and self care, we can change the exhaustion to positive energy!

I have learned that mindset plays a major role in managing my Lupus symptoms, as well as the advanced arthritis in my back, leg, arms, hands, torso and face. I am never defined by my disease.

Days like today where there is a storm approaching the area where I reside, I awakened with crippling pain widespread. The weather, especially the barometric pressure, does indeed affect those with rheumatological diseases. It takes me every ounce of energy that I can summon to sternly call my thoughts to a positive mindset, to begin my daily prayer asking for God to support me, and to help me to tap into my inner strength. This is an ongoing practice that I have adapted into my wellness regimen. And it takes even more determination as I am engulfed in severe, burning pain to begin my visualization meditation and reflection of my days of wellness. I remind myself that this is a practice that has proven successful to my wellness in the past every single time that I have chosen to implement this practice.

And so, I begin…

I decided to first take a hot shower to loosen up my muscles and joints, and to turn on my music as this is one of my greatest self care tools, as well as my official party line to the Universe! Yes, Spirit communicates with me in many ways, and most especially through music!

Just for a few seconds, as I moved each muscle and limb ever so gingerly to get into the shower, and felt the severe pain and heaviness in my body, I began to say, “I cannot endure this pain again.” At that exact instant, Spirit stepped in energetically through my Pandora music station as the song, “Positivity,” by Stevie Wonder began to play. I was being reminded to redirect my thoughts, visuals, and mindset to a positive one of wellness. I smiled, said “Thank you,” and began to shift my energy. Spirit is my personal coach!

I am a true believer in the power of prayer, meditation, and mindset. I depend upon my spiritual connection for guidance and direction every day. This gorgeous practice is how I live my life, and with Spirit’s support and guidance, I am always assured that I am doing all things that serve me, enhance and enrich my life, as well as those around me.

Yesterday, for the first time in many months, I completed nearly 3 miles of walking. I have always been an exercise junkie, so this was a great reminder to me that what I think, I create. Just a few weeks ago, I was unable to take steps from my bedroom to my kitchen due to the pain and swelling. I practiced a deep visualization/meditation/prayer and complete wellness regimen, and began to heal. And, as I visualize myself walking with pep in my step yesterday, listening to my music, smiling and saying “Happy New Year” to each passerby, I am reminded that I can, and will do that again later this morning. Any type of movement will be helpful to my body, mind and spirit. I continue to tell myself that I am well, and that I have no pain. I continue to visualize, use breathing strategies, juicing for health, sleep and rest, loving connections, and movement to thrive in my wellness. This is using the Law of Attraction which states that everything is energy, and what we think, we create. I choose to create wellness.

When we are open to Divine communication, guidance and support, we always have the opportunity in every moment to choose a new thought and new behavior which the Universe is showing us will enhance our lives. We have the opportunity to listen to Spirit and take immediate action that will change the course of our day, and of our lives, if we so choose.

It is always our choice.

We have the choice to redirect our thoughts, which will change the trajectory of our behavior which directly affects the outcome…the outcome that we choose, and these thoughts and behaviors have come highly recommended by the Highest Source of Knowledge…that which I depend upon for every choice that I make.

Today, and every day, I choose wellness…body, mind and spirit.

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To your wellness!

Love and blessings,





Wendy Blanchard