This blog is in response to the many followers who DM’d me, and posted on my IG page, @coach_wendyb, asking about colon cleansing suggestions, as well as my followers at www.harmonioushealth4life.com.

So, here are a few that I follow myself, and offer as options to my own clients. Many believe that cleanses will remove toxins from the body.

There are many people who believe in the school of thought that taking pills, powders, liquids, teas, or a colonic cleanse is beneficial to ones health, and perhaps for weight loss.

  1. Please know that cleansing is not an effective way to promote weight loss and one may lose a few pounds initially, but it is only temporary resulting from the removal of water weight and stool, and not from a permanent loss of fat.
  2. Cleansing products RARELY name the specific toxins they supposedly remove, and there is no research to measure the effectiveness of cleansing practices.
  3. “Trillions of bacteria live in the colon, and eliminating them or changing the population of beneficial and harmful bacteria in that organ” could pose a serious health threat. Cleansing could possibly cause an imbalance in the gut micro biome. “The gut micro biome plays a very important role in your health. It assists in aiding digestion and benefiting your immune system.”

In my healthcare practice, I recommend the following, however when making any changes, check with your healthcare provider first!


  1. A whole food cleanse where you consume “whole foods” (organic if possible) such as meats, fish, veggies, fruits (one serving per day), nuts, legumes, etc.
  2. Remove all gluten from your diet.
  3. Remove unhealthy grains and replace with gluten free grains such as quinoa, amaranth, millet.
  4. Remove all processed/packaged foods from your diet.
  5. Remove GMOs.
  6. Increase water intake daily.
  7. At least 30 minutes of exercise/walking daily.
  8. Take a prebiotic, and probiotic daily.
  9. Use gut support supplements such as L-Glutamine and/or Glut Aloe Mine.
  10. Cut out caffeine and carbonated beverages. The caffeine may be added back in slowly after the 30 day cleanse.

There is so much more to consider. I work one on one with my clients based on a variety of individual factors. I take into consideration their medical history, current health challenges, allergies, body composition, family history, food choices, exercise regimen, their relationships, and their spiritual practices, and much more.

I will never make a blanket statement to “take this supplement” or “eat these foods” unless I have done a thorough consultation with you.

Any posts I provide on IG or Facebook are general information and provided as suggestions. Only you know your body and what you need. Only you know what works for you. I am the professional guide that works with each individual client.

I would suggest seeking out a Holistic Health Counselor/Practitioner like myself, and/or a Functional Medicine or Naturopath physician. Kinesiology is sometimes effective in determining what foods/supplements strengthens you, and what weakens you. You can also speak to your primary care physician if you choose.

In my professional opinion, a whole foods cleanse is safe and effective. I have never had a client become dehydrated or lose important vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes from my plan of action, and I use this plan myself. I also use other methods to “reset” my body and my wellness, holistically.

I also provide specific recipes for those clients who need more structured support in reaching their health and wellness goals.

We know that the gut is our second brain, and it communicates directly with our brain. We know through research that there is a strong relationship between our mental health and having gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, etc. In addition, having anxiety and depression can cause changes in the gut micro biome because of what happens in the body when it has a stress response. Research tells us that changes in the gut micro biome and inflammation in the gut can affect the brain and cause symptoms that look like Parkinson’s, anxiety, and depression. There is a direct correlation between our gut and brain called the gut/brain axis. It is up to us to make healthy choices as what we put into our gut crosses over into the brain. For example, sugar has 0 percent nutritional value, and is known to cause anxiety, and an increased risk for depression. It also is known to cause inflammation throughout the body. Just some food for thought.

When we make a choice as to the foods, supplements, beverages, meds, etc that we ingest, we are either promoting wellness by that choice, or inflammation by that choice. And, it is the same thing with relationships. If we are in an ongoing toxic relationship, research shows that it causes inflammation on a cellular level. Lastly, even the thoughts that we think affect our health. If we are experiencing chronic ongoing negative thoughts, consumed by worry, consumed by sadness, anxiety, depression, this too causes inflammation on a cellular level. I also am very dedicated to my spiritual practice which keeps me connected and grounded daily.

Wellness is a choice. When we choose self care and healthy practices such as healthy foods, healthy relationships, and healthy thoughts, a meaningful spiritual practice of our own understanding, an exercise regimen, and we are surrounded by joy and love, and we are paying it forward, we choose wellness! And as I always say, and is the intro to my upcoming book, WRITE PRAY RECOVER:A JOURNEY TO WELLNESS THROUGH SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS AND SELF CARE, “Self care are the actions that we take to achieve wellness, and wellness is where we stand in our power!”

For more information on my healthcare practice and how I can support you, if you choose, to reach your health and wellness goals, please email me at wendyblanchard044@gmail.com and write the word WELLNESS in the subject line. I will be in touch shortly. I do offer a free 15 minute healthcare consult over the phone.

To your good health and wellness!

Love and blessings,


Wendy Blanchard