Social/Emotional mindset and learning can only take place in an environment that provides opportunities to experience SEL. I have experienced, for the most part, these opportunities in the workplace, and have also been given opportunities to practice my skills when faced with adversity and challenge from others. A wonderful chance to further evolve in my skills. In the world in which we now live, it is imperative for each of us to practice the social emotional competencies encompassing self awareness, self regulation, social awareness, relationship building skills, and responsible decision making.

As a consummate professional educator, coach, mental health consultant and educator, and holistic health practitioner, I pride myself in my skills that provide, for me, a deep sense of equanimity. I have had the past 8 years in my own mental health/substance use disorder recovery to learn, to practice, and to execute my skills at which I am quite proficient. And, I now work in the field leading by example for others.

Recently, I had a situation arise with colleagues. I was shocked and dismayed at the “bully,” and unkind type of behavior that I observed. In light of all that we have endured this past year, and as an inherent part of my personality, I always speak about supporting one another in order to feel connected, and to practice a team approach. And, I practice what I preach. I then experienced, first hand, what I already knew intuitively was coming my way. I’d been “warned.” These “colleagues” have no inherent empathy, and do not exhibit any social/emotional behavioral skills. We can, however, teach empathy over time, when one is willing and open to change.

The supervisor was just as lovely as she could be. She was, in her truest form, demonstrating “women supporting and empowering women.” I was so blown away by her finesse, patience, and eloquence in her words and demeanor.

With my background, training, and skills, I never take personally what others say or do. It’s not about me. There is something unhealed within themselves. Perhaps they are living with their own stress, their own situations, their own past/present day trauma, and other situations I have no knowledge of which may provoke them to behave this way…and, it is none of my business.

I choose to disengage, and to just stay in my own lane to be the educator that I have come to highly respect within. I know who I am as an educator, and colleague, and that is the beauty of evolving one’s self, and skills. It’s all about what is best for myself, for my students, for the other 99% of my colleagues, and community.

Social Emotional Learning is a term used very loosely. We must be aware, and work on our skills daily. We must build ourselves around SEL and behavior. We must be extremely mindful when we are using this term in the capacity of integrating this mindset and practice into our daily lives, especially in the workplace. Not everyone has these skills, yet, and so, as they are not as eloquent in their delivery of their emotions, feelings, or opinions, and are especially devoid of compassion, I remain respectful, and then move on as quickly as possible from the situation. I smile and always depart with wishes for a good day to all. I remind myself that those who do not have the necessary SEL skills, although they claim to, cannot “pour from an empty cup,” and that it is their behavior which I observe for their authenticity, or lack thereof. Their actual behavior is a reaction to something much deeper within. I offer compassion and prayer for their peace.

Allow these opportunities to be your teacher. Learn, grow, evolve. Pass it on.

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Wishing you a harmonious and blessed day.

Love and blessings,


Wendy Blanchard