An Integrative Approach to Wellness in Recovery

Normalize Mental Health and Fall Back Into Wellness Symposium

Join author of Write Pray Recover:A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care, and international speaker and coach/consultant, Wendy Blanchard, alongside her colleagues who are PEER’s and/or Mental Health and Wellness professionals for a day of workshops and trainings in order to answer Wendy’s GLOBAL CALL TO ACTION to Normalize Mental Health. Wendy, a Board Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist, and Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach and mental health Consultant, will offer, with her colleagues throughout the day, an interactive experience through an integrative approach to wellness, to support participants in learning how our mental and physical health are connected, and how we can take immediate responsibility to promote our own lifelong wellness. 

These workshops will provide an opportunity to engage in learning about how to implement daily self care and wellness strategies to thrive in one’s wellness, as well as tools and information on the many pathways to recovery from Substance Use Disorder and Mental Illness.

All participants will be invited to a WhatsApp and/or Facebook Community Circle, which will be a private and safe space to share experiences and responses.

Workshops will include:

SPEAR AND SWIM INTO WELLNESS This workshop is aligned with Wendy’s “Integrative Approach to Recovery” and Chapter 6 of Write Pray Recover. Learn how to S.P.E.A.R. (STOP, PAUSE, EMOTE, ACCEPT, REST/REALIGN/REFRAME) AND S.W.I.M. (Speak your truth, Ask yourself, “What do I need/Who can assist me,” Implement an Integrative Approach to Wellness in Recovery, and Make a Daily Commitment to your self care and wellness).

Wendy Blanchard


Chapter Study/Open Discussion on Chapter’s 10 and 12 for Spiritual Wellness and recognizing the benefits of taking a spiritually aligned action in every situation. In addition, participant will recognize the benefits of one’s inner connectedness and one’s connectedness to God/Spirit/Universe of their own understanding – Wendy Blanchard

THE GUT/BRAIN AXIS – Join this interactive workshop that provides an opportunity to engage in learning about how our brain, and our “gut brain” are connected. Learn how they work together, guided by our daily decisions to either promote wellness, or inflammation on a cellular level. The foods that we choose to eat, the thoughts that we allow ourselves to think, and the relationships that we choose to engage in, our daily self care, in addition to environmental factors, are all a recipe for wellness, or dis-ease. – Wendy Blanchard

WRITING FOR WELLNESS-Use of responsive writing to connect to oneself and ones spiritual practice in alignment with Write Pray Recover. – Wendy Blanchard


This workshop will include Yoga/Meditation through lived experience as a natural form of medicine. Instructor will guide the group in focusing one’s attention inward, listening to our body, and use of restorative practices -10 minute meditation (forgiveness) 

Jenny Dicker, Yoga Teacher


This program, run by a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate will include the following: Open dialogue connected to ones lived experience, multiple tools/pathway in recovery, a person in recovery perspective, “How to Use Multiple Tools/Pathways” a. Harm Reduction b. MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) c. An Integrative Approach to Recovery – Bill Bopp, CRPA


This workshop will include learning how to practice self compassion, and using an “I am” meditation or exercise to integrate who you are without the labels, stories and beliefs. This workshop will also offer to the participant an understandning of the nervous system, and how to grow awareness and self understanding through awareness.

Kelly Turner, Certified Life Coach

SPIRITUAL WELLNESS-This workshop will offer an awareness of ones spiritual beliefs and connection to God/Spirit/Universe and how to recognize when you are being spiritually guided. This workshop will also offer a specific spiritual communication technique, Kything,which is a “communion skill, a Spirit-to-Spirit loving presence which can bring about a deep sense of peace and communication.”

Sheila Pearl, Recalibration Coach and Spiritual Teacher



Whole Person Wellness Schedule and Price


Saturday, November 5, 2022


Begins 8am ET

Full schedule to be announced



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