I just wanted to write to you and let you know about the excellent assistance Wendy Blanchard has given to us at the Warming Center (Homeless Shelter) this year. We have had two very difficult cases that were in desperate situations and Wendy went above and beyond on her own time to resolve for us. I truly believe that for at least one of them, she saved his life.

Wendy has been an enormous resource to so many of us.

We could not have saved these two without Wendy’s intervention.” – Maura, LCSW, BCD – Social Services


“I tend to be a big believer in silver linings. Back in July I found myself “unwell” and was in need of some life coaching. Well, the silver lining to that dark storm cloud was undoubtedly meeting Wendy Blanchard. Wendy is one of the most intelligent, compassionate and empathetic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Wendy takes a holistic approach to healing, and it has honestly helped me tremendously. Upon meeting Wendy for the first time, she made me feel like we had known each other for years. Her sessions are warm, welcoming and chock full of knowledge. I look forward to our sessions every week because I know that I am going to walk away with a smile on my face, and a warm heart. I can honestly state that there is no one more instrumental in my healing than Wendy Blanchard. She is open, honest, and available to her clients whenever they may need her. I strongly recommend Wendy Blanchard’s life coaching to anyone who may be looking to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life!” – Jean B., Client
“Couple comments about our work together. I appreciate all help that you have provided. Sometimes, I still using some of those techniques. For example 4,7,8 breathing, or walking while listening some inspiration material or music.” – Alex D., Client


“First, Wendy makes some delicious gluten free meals! Second, her daily messages of self-love and compassion are like virtual word hugs. Third, her commitment to supporting people in recovery is transformative for those in her circle. ” Elizabeth Frederick, J.D.


“Great source of information for a healthy balanced life.”
Stephen Clement, Rockland Recovery Homes, Inc.


“Wendy puts a lot of passion, dedication and sincerity into everything she does. ”
Mignyetta Ramnani, LCSW-R

“As a Psychologist at Suffern High School, I have had the pleasure of experiencing Wendy Blanchard captivating and educating our students. Her engaging presence and clarity draw students in. Wendy is able to have students participate in the learning process in a natural and easy manner, allowing them to absorb, contemplate, and relate to the mental health lessons she presents.Wendy is a true inspiration.”

-Jason Silver – School Psychologist
Suffern Central School District


“I have had the opportunity to work closely with Wendy Blanchard in assisting us to launch a Mental Health Awareness Committee within our school district. She is very enthusiastic and brought a great deal of positive energy to each meeting. She has a wonderful disposition. Wendy eagerly provided me with a wealth of information and was able to tailor the information to our needs. She also presented to our staff on a number of occasions and they learned so much from the information she shared. The feedback was extremely positive and her assistance and knowledge was valued.”
-Carolyn M. Moffa, Director of Special Services
Pearl River School District

“Ms. Blanchard’s approach to education is compassionate and patient. I am inspired and encouraged from sitting through her courses and from the conversations and support she offers for my interactions with my students.”
-Lauren LoAlbo, Newburgh School District

“Wendy Blanchard has consistently provided high-quality professional development on mental health for Rockland Teachers’ Center.  She works tirelessly to end the stigma around mental illness, educate the community about mental health, and provide resources for help.  Thank you Wendy!”
-Deborah Studnitzer, Rockland Teachers’ Center

“Wendy is phenomenal. She lives what she teaches; leading by example. Wendy is a success story herself, very powerful, spiritual, loving and inspirational.”
-Maria VannReyes, Newburgh School District

“Coach Wendy’s approach to health coaching is not just about the professional. She takes all of my nutritional needs and blood type into account, and helps me make better food choices.  I value her insight and personal attention.”

– Steve Roman  

“Wendy Blanchard has been working with me in the capacity of a Certified Holistic Health Coach.
As my coach, Wendy has provided me with a meal plan that is specifically designed for me based on my blood type and other relating factors. Wendy also includes home-made recipes that are specifically created to address my individual nutritional needs. She also has taken into consideration my issues with chronic reflux and general inflammation and given me some great recommendations on how to treat my conditions without prescribed pills from doctors.

She supports me via weekly emails and texts, and information related to my wellness goals. If I have a question regarding my health or diet plan, or even about the effects of a specific food, Wendy provides me with a response within 24 hours! 

Ms. Blanchard has provided me with excellent and meaningful resources, support, and health and wellness advice that is personal to my needs and goals.

I highly recommend Wendy Blanchard as a Holistic Health Coach!”

– Matthew DeGroat  

“I have had the good fortune of working with Wendy Blanchard  to address my nutritional needs and help me get to a healthy stage in life.  Wendy was able to identify key ingredients in my diet that were beneficial to my well being.  She also provided me with options for eating that fit into my lifestyle.  Wendy has a positive and supportive demeanor as she lends an open ear when discussing personal challenges.  She is quite knowledgeable about nutrition and makes great suggestions.  It is worth contracting with Wendy as it will change your outlook not only on how to eat but holistically to maintain a positive perspective on daily matters.”

– Janet Rivera

“Health Coach, Wendy Blanchard, gave me wonderful advice and resources during my wellness consultation. Sometimes I feel so confused about what is best for me in terms of eating and exercise because recommendations in the media seem to change all the time. Wendy carefully listened to my wellness goals, along with my current diet and exercise routines. She was so encouraging. I didn’t realize that I am already doing a lot really well now. Wendy offered simple suggestions for additions to my exercise and eating, which are easy to integrate with my current lifestyle. What a breath of fresh air to receive Wendy’s expertise in a way that feels exciting to bring into my life. The morning after our call, I was up early doing some resistance training exercises, which were so much fun. I feel energized and ready to be productive today. I highly recommend scheduling a wellness consultation with Wendy Blanchard!<”
– Maria Blon

“Wendy Blanchard has been working with me in the capacity of a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

As my health coach, Wendy has provided me with a meal plan and lifestyle changes to help assist me in dealing with my chronic vestibular migraines and Meniere’s disease.

She has been wonderful in her continued support.  She communicates with me through email, phone, meetings and social media.  She treats her clients as though they were family and is interested in all aspects of their life and how she can be of help.  She not only has developed a meal plan for me, but has also suggested exercise routines and lifestyle changes to assist in my overall wellbeing. Wendy continually provides me with articles, videos and research she finds to help me understand my condition as it relates to nutrition and overall health.

I highly recommend Wendy Blanchard as a Holistic Health Coach!”

– Linda Lucas

“Wendy has been a blessing to me!  With her guidance in nutrition, I was able to consume less sugar and choose better foods.  Less sugar reduces inflammation in the body and contributes to a healthier body and soul.  Her helpful, positive intentions and specific coping techniques have helped me considerably with anxiety and panic.  Wendy is knowedgeable, caring, and enthusiastic to help.   I consider her my “go to resource” for nutritional assistance as well as a life long friend.”

Therese Paff