When we are producing excessive amounts of adrenaline, ongoing, we may likely be experiencing deeply rooted unprocessed and unhealed trauma.

If we mindfully focus on observing our nervous system through our breath which is our most accessible tool for intervening with our nervous system, and we observe our physical presentations such as chronic tightness in our tummy and/or chest, shoulders up to our ears, migraines, rapid heart rate, gastrointestinal symptoms, and many other physical manifestations, we can actually direct our present unhealthy state back to a “parasympathetic state.” This is a state of “rest and digest” which takes daily practice to master.

When we grow up in an environment where we are not taught how to self soothe in a healthy way while experiencing emotions, or healthy coping behaviors were not modeled for us, we may experience an ongoing fight, flight or freeze state which keeps us in a state of disorder, dysfunction, and unhealthy behaviors. This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle that steals from us time, joy, peace, and the purpose of life.

From experience, I will share with you that it is absolutely possible to unlearn unhealthy behaviors by implementing healthy practices, daily. If we make a commitment to these practices, we create a new healthy lifestyle. Research shows that if we engage in a healthy practice for at least 66 days, we have created a brand new lifestyle behavior! And, this creates a state of wellness!

A few suggestions that work for me are movement through music (my fav!), exercise, dancing, meditation and prayer, breath work where I am using Pranayama (regulation of my breath through purposeful and mindful exercises), creating recipes in my kitchen (with music playing, of course!), singing, (yes, and I’m pretty good!), and something that my functional medicine physician, Dr. Gregory, once taught me at the very beginning of my recovery, which was to step outside barefoot onto the cold solid ground for regulation…even in the snow! I can vouch that it works! It definitely re-directs our physiology! All of these tools work for me!

And of course, it is noteworthy to consider doing some intensive trauma work with a trained professional. All of these components, or a variety of components that resonate with you individually, offers healing and wellness.

Figure out what it is that works for you specifically. Go within, and ask yourself in the quiet of your space where you know your truth, what it is that you need at any given moment, in any given situation, to feel well. To provide yourself with wellness. And do it.

Choose wellness through healthy practices. Learn a healthy new practice, one at a time, and experience wellness. Your way.

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When we are aware of the why, when, what, and where we learned our unhealthy behaviors, we can use the how as our mindful change, our “self awareness and self regulation,” and use it moving forward as our prevention in escalation and regulation of our symptoms.

After 40 years of an addiction to prescription drugs with a co-occurring mental illness, due to severe dysfunction, abuse and trauma as a child and young woman, I speak from experience in living a holistic lifestyle using natural and organic solutions to thrive in my recovery, and in my life.

Self care is the actions that we take to achieve wellness and wellness is where we stand in our power.”

It is never too late.

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!

Love and blessings,


Wendy Blanchard