Emotions are real. We are allowed to feel what we feel.

Triggers are real. We are allowed to feel what we feel.

Mental Health is real. We are allowed to feel what we feel.

Love is real.

Many times we are experiencing an internal conflict which is grounded in unresolved traumatic experiences, and/or unresolved painful experiences. Unless we have the opportunity to un-peel the layers of painful experiences and use our voice for expression, we will always be plagued with the same unwell body, mind and spirit. Emotions need motion to move through us so that we can heal.

Unconditional love and compassion may be the beginning of mental health and wellness which promotes overall healthy practices that spark the desire to heal.

I never stand in judgment…

I am always sensitive and empathetic to ones struggles and realize their individual struggle is real. I validate their emotions and feelings, unconditionally.

I provide a loving and empathetic space to converse. I encourage one to have a dialogue with me where they take their time to express themselves. They speak in a safe space. I listen in a non-judgmental mindset where we are okay with the silence in between. Baby steps.

Our goal is to explore options to a mutually beneficial resolution that we can both be excited about.

I also encourage “timed” dialogue to leave plenty of time for fun, recreation, and a heartfelt loving reminder of connection. We move at our own pace where we decide what works for us.

Further, I encourage quiet, alone time. This is our “me/self care time.” When we “re-unite” in our safe space and dialogue, we feel renewed, with new perspectives, an open mind and heart, and ready to explore resolution.

I practice forgiveness, and am humble in asking for the same.

Emotions are real. Triggers are real. Mental Health is real.

So is love. Love can be the antidote to the pain one has experienced if they are eager to create change for themselves and have a willing partner who wants only to be of loving support. We use our common experiences to support each other, and to offer a loving, compassionate safe space to thrive in a committed, lifelong relationship.

When I ask, “How do you feel?,” I truly want to know your truth as you feel it. Allow yourself permission to feel, permission to be in a safe space, permission to express, permission to heal, permission to love.

Love and blessings,




Wendy Blanchard