REALITY CHECK – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., INHC, NYCPS

Did you know?

The process of writing activates the rational parts of the brain and slows down the automatic parts of the brain? The brain judges whether a situation exceeds your resources (time constraints, emotional capacity, coping ability).

When the brain feels that it is under stress, there are physiological changes that take place.

The goal is to examine your current stressors, assess, mindfully, the accuracy of the brain’s judgement and replace any exaggerated perceptions of stress into a more realistic perspective.

Process, and proceed slowly.

Reality checks are a must for me every day, sometimes multiple times a day. A reality check is “any evidence that contradicts your brain’s perception of this stress.”

Then, it is our choice to re-frame this experience as we move forward in order to respond in a healthy way to any triggers that blur our perception in a similar situation in the future.

*Some information has been adapted from “Curable” the app.



Wendy Blanchard