When one is living with (in the same house, or in a relationship within their inner circle not living together) a toxic partner/child/friend that is causing one to feel chronic stress and anxiety through constant unhealthy behavior, it is causing inflammation on a cellular level. It is causing unhealthy physical health, and poor mental health.

I had a client awhile back who was so filled with anxiety from experiencing chronic gaslighting, being lied to and cheated on repeatedly, and was being verbally abused, daily, whose psychiatrist wanted to put her on medication to “alleviate the anxiety” she was experiencing due to this man’s behavior.

This resonated with me deeply as I had the same experience not long ago.

My first question to her was why would SHE take medication in this situation? SHE is experiencing mental health symptoms due to another person’s behavior. If not for his behavior, daily, that was tormenting her, her anxiety and stress would dissolve.

I then asked her to consider that if she left this toxic relationship and environment (WITH SUPPORT FROM HER THERAPIST AND LOVING FAMILY AND FRIENDS), wouldn’t that be a healthy solution for her rather than taking medication that was NOT going to change her partner or his behavior?

Why are we listening to doctor’s who want to medicate us with mind altering drugs when the solution is to remove the toxin, i.e., the toxic person from our lives?! It may not be an easy solution, and it may take a strategic plan to safely remove ourselves, and isn’t this the healthiest solution for US?

It is up to us individually to choose our health and wellness practices…

Ask yourself how your taking medication is going to change the unhealthy behavior of another person…???!!!

Consider this: What is best for me long term? Taking medication to “live with” the toxin (one doing the gaslighting and causing the stress) in a permanent environment of stress and potential trauma, or permanently removing the toxin?!

All the medication in the world will never change another person’s toxic, unhealthy, and/or narcissistic behvavior.

I share this from my own lived experience…

Just some food for thought.

In my case, I removed the poison from my life rather than ingesting it…

I can choose peace and wellness rather than this.




Wendy Blanchard