I Choose To Live, Love, Laugh and Learn, Wendy Coven Blanchard, M.S., INHC, NYCPS

Threats of bodily harm, and threats/following through of the withdrawing of affection from a parent to a young child, adolescent and in adulthood causes the child to live in a chronic state of fear, of fight/flight/freeze, and dis-ease, never having the ability to connect to themselves, another person or God.

The child’s only compass for living is violence, hatred, manipulation, and subsequently the fear of identifying their own emotions where they remain silent with dis-ease. Dis-ease becomes their friend. They become engulfed in discomfort in order to feel comfort. The uncomfortability becomes their only friend because they know what to expect. It is so predictable. Every “relationship” is now bred of the same traits as the child’s abusers.

And so it goes, until finally this beautiful child now all grown up living with disorders, discomfort, and disease says “enough.“


This child, this adult child, this beautifully broken soul, somehow recognizes their worth in the deep inner work they have been doing for a decade, and once and for all, takes back their power.

The adult child is blessed to slowly create deep connections with God, with others, and most importantly, with their inner self. And it becomes a lifelong journey of ongoing healing through connection, soul work, and of the willingness to learn as a spiritual student and emotional scholar. Most importantly, to be loving, patient and kind with oneself in order to heal, and to evolve in order to achieve spiritual wellness, psychological vigor and physical vitality.

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Make the choice that I made a decade ago, and continue to make daily…

To live, love, laugh and learn.

Love and blessings,


Wendy Blanchard